A downloadable unfinished buggy mess for Windows

Submission for the GMTK Jam 2021

Here's a very unfinished polished game in which you go rogue against your fellow beans and kill all of them with guns that need to be plugged in. Why? No one knows. Does this all make sense? No, it doesn't. Is the game finished? No, it isn't  Of course it is. Are your fellow beans having a rave. Hell yeah!

Explore [read: walk through corridor] a glitchy and buggy perfectly intentional world in which you face horrifying beans which float, have no faces and press trigger real fast. Please just don't run/walk through the walls. The bean gods don't like it and will punish you with eternal falling. Walls do have colliders, what do you mean? 

Reported issues features:

  • They can glitch us out bad and deeper you go they may glitch you harder 
  • Some known symptoms are literally squishing the damn guns. (I don't know how they do it.)
  • They might be able to make walls as an illusion.
  • If you crouch and and move then you maybe be able to actually just jump [HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK??]

The beans are breaking the world. Join up your guns (to the power sources) and make it not that way. That's it.

No beans were harmed in the making. Not any that I know of, at least.

Also there is an attempt to show the glitches and speedrun this game , feel free to challenge this also.








In all seriousness: This may not be the most finished game ever. If you still decide to play it, please don't go into the walls. Thanks! We had a lot of things planned but couldn't get it in due to Unity breaking and us not managing time properly.


Build.zip 80 MB

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