A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Operation: One Shot, where you can be killed by a single shot. Advantage: you have to deal with only one enemy.
Made for GMTK's Game Jam 2019 within 48 hours.


WASD for movement
1 to activate fire weapon mode.
2 to charge up a larger, more damaging bullet.
RMB to activate the shield.
Space to Jump.
Shift to Sprint; [Esc to return to main menu from anywhere]

Clue: Make use of the strategically laid out Buildings...

PS: Bullets can be destroyed...


Oliver and Gyarmati Zsolt: Programming, texturing, modelling
Dhanush: Game and Level Design
Joesph Mott and Oliver: Sound Design
Nikoleta Zhecheva: 3D modelling

If you get teleported to a new place, that means, you spawned again (You died). Didn't get enough time to add a death screen, even though we had it with us.  Sorry, :(...


ZIP for Operation: One Shot 449 MB

Install instructions

  • Extract ZIP
  • Open .exe file
  • Hit play and wait for the game to load!


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