Update! - After over a year...

ReBullet got it's first update! 

After over a year...

Anyways, I've decided to fix few major bugs, also I've rewrited some of the code. At the time I wrote it, I was a newbie. This game was my first bigger 3D Unity project. The fact is, that ReBullet was made in only one week. Long story short, there are plenty of bugs and shortcomings.

Now, as I look throught the code, there are still a lot of things that should be made different way, but weren't due to short deathline and the fact that I was relatively new to programming. This update is mainly focused to fix bugs and performance issues, not my old code.


- Fixed performance issues in Level One scene

- Fixed cursor bug after finishing level

- Added player reflection probe and gun light

- Fixed performance issues caused by time rewind script

- Small changes and improvements

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